Tolec: Asteroid Update II

Here is the original message 

Tolec, recently we’ve been hearing a lot about a celestial object out in space headed toward Earth in the very near future.    Is this true… is there one?   Is it Nibiru?  [dated: July 16, 2012]    [also see section below titled: “WHAT ABOUT NIBIRU?”] 
ANSWER:  Yes, there is one.  No, again, it is not Nibiru.  It is an asteroid.
This celestial object is an asteroid approximately 6 miles long x 10 miles wide.  It is called: “Nahiei Nimi” by the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere in his native language of the planet Dakote.  By the astrometric scientists on the Andromeda Council biosphere using the Andromeda, planet Terial, dialect, this asteroid is called:  “Ouskaar Nata“.  Using either set of words it means: “Silver Ray” because when it passes by Earth people will see a huge silver glow around it (about 20 miles around) and it will present a silver tail as it flies by the Earth.  Perspective wise, it will appear in the sky to people looking at it from Earth… to be about half the size of a high mid-day sun.
It will not hit Earth, only fly by it at a distance of approximately 450,000 miles from the surface.  There are likely to be some minor temporary electromagnetic cause & effects to the planet, and it will cause earthquakes, tremors and magma flow under the Earth’s crust.  To quote the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere he said, “…it will rattle your cage a little.”
Here is the Update ↓
As of this date:  September 9, 2012 – it is presently located out around Mars… still headed toward Earth space.

5 thoughts on “Tolec: Asteroid Update II

  1. Excellent! So, how long does it take a rock hurling through space to get to Earth from Mars?? 🙂 Thank you for the update, I was just thinking about this the last couple days, odd

    • I cannot say, “yes”, because Tolec hasn’t given a date that it would be here. However, I did see that we are expecting two in the near future – one being Sept 14th, as you say. I’m not sure if that’s the one, though 😉

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