Zingdad: Acceptance

When Zingdad / Adamu speaks, my ears perk up immediately. 

In this part of his video series, he is attempting to teach us how we create our own lives, and how we can make our own lives better. To solve problems which seem to be out of our control.

The first step in this process of creation, he says, is Acceptance. To me, basically he is saying here to own our problem (or “drama”, as he calls it). We are to accept that we caused this problem for ourselves. We can’t change that which we don’t own. I believe that Dr. Phil always said that.

And so Zingdad asks us to specify a drama in our life. I’ll use mine as an example. I have a lot of pain issues that haven’t seemed to be resolved with any of the treatments I have tried. (They have improved, but not resolved – yeah, I seek perfection).

So in order to begin the process of resolving this issue, first I need to accept that I am the one that caused it. So I am the one that caused my own physical pain. I let that sit with me for a bit.

I realize that it is true that I did cause my own pain! First of all, I know from studying NDE’s and other texts that we plan out our lives before we incarnate. I’m sure that physical pain was in that plan for me. In addition, my diet, my physical exercise, and other things that I do in this life add to my physical pain. 

And so this time period (until the next video in the series comes out) I will Accept that I indeed caused my pain. Once I can convince myself of this and know in my heart that it was I that did it, then I can change it. 

Here is the video:

Video Description: The 8th video in the “Adamu Speaks” series. In this presentation Adamu carries on from where he left off telling us HOW we might attain Unity Consciousness. He shares with us the first of the Six Sacred Steps, called Acceptance.

It is highly recommended that all videos are watched in their correct sequence before watching this one. The full series is available (with transcripts) at
(website) zingdad.com/adamu-speaks

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For much deeper information about unity consciousness, ascension and related concepts please see the book, “The Ascension Papers” by Zingdad. Available at 
(website) zingdad.com/book-1

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