That’s Unnatural!

This article was written in a fun sense and although I seriously feel that these things are unnatural (to me), not meant to be taken as negativity. It’s just the way it is. It’s life, here on 3D Earth.

There are some things that I have noticed in life that just seem to me to be unnatural.  Perhaps where I came from, or incarnated before, they were just not a part of life there. Some are obvious, and some may not be.


That’s an obvious one. I remember when I was a child asking my mom why we have war. I said to her, “why can’t they just play a game, like basketball or football, to solve their problems. Whoever wins the game gets what they want”. Hey, it made sense to me!


Well, not money, in itself. But the fact that some people have an over-abundance of money while others are starving to death. This is unnatural.


When I was pregnant, I was told over and over that it is so natural. Article after article talked about how natural giving birth to a baby is.


To me, childbirth is the most unnatural experience of my life. Imagine for a moment that someone has a hold of both sides of your body and then proceeds to rip you limb from limb. Well, that was what it felt like to me. And I did the “natural childbirth” – without the medication! Yeah, right 😉

I believe that wherever I came from, if there were even children there, they weren’t birthed in this manner.


Or the need for it – that is.

Why would God create a being that gets fat and out of shape and has to incorporate into it’s schedule additional movement to keep fit?

To me, it just seems unnatural.


And the rest of our bodies. Can you feel your bones? I can. They feel hard and uncomfortable and they hurt. This 3D body just doesn’t feel natural to me.

And while we’re on the subject of our bodies, when I look at most normal looking human beings – say, at the shopping mall – I see people who look bloated. Not necessarily fat, but bloated. Do you notice this, too? Not natural.


Okay, here’s a biggest one for me, and one that I have come across in the last two years as being unnatural. In the last couple of years I have noticed (and noticed that I noticed) the fact that I cannot play a video (on You Tube, for example) and read an article at the same time and absorb the material from both. I can try, but usually it’s a fail.

Why does this seem so God-Awful unnatural to me?

Perhaps because I am remembering that in my normal state I can absorb loads of information very quickly.

Now that’s natural!





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