The Universe Made it So

Well, it seems I am going to go back up north this week. Why? Because the Universe says so! Let me humor you with a list of synchronizations that made it so.

I messed up the work schedule

I accidentally scheduled myself to be off on a weekend that I would normally work. As soon as I realized my mistake, I called the Staffing Office and the secretary told me that it wasn’t a problem. All I needed to do was to put it in writing that I did, indeed, wish to work that weekend and it would be fixed.

I was invited on a trip

So then my brother calls me and invites me to go up north – that same weekend that I accidentally scheduled myself off. I told him that it was possible, but unlikely, because I was supposed to work that weekend. But I told him I’d get back with him on it.

I had extra vacation time

Many of you might remember that I already went up north once this year. That was my vacation. However, my work-job didn’t pay me my vacation time. Yes, it was a “mistake”.ย 

But as it turned out, we had gotten a bonus for signing a union contract. So since that (almost) made up for the vacation pay, I told them not to worry about it. So the vacation days stayed in my “bank” for later use.

But my car needs repairs

My car (the poor thing was abused by my last boyfriend) needs new brakes. I told my brother that I couldn’t go because I was afraid of putting the wear and tear on my car since I am so tight on money that I cannot afford to get it fixed.ย 

As it turned out, he is going to be in my area anyway, picking up his daughter (my niece) and would be happy to swing by and get my daughter and I, as well.

So it looks like I’m going

The Universe works in mysterious ways and it looks like I’m going on this trip. Why? Because the Universe said so! ๐Ÿ˜‰




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