Multi-Dimensional Creation

There is no doubt in my mind that we are creator-beings. I feel we need to step into what we are and practice some real creations.

I have been getting this message for about three weeks. It is also coming out through other people, as well, confirming my message.

As difficult as it is to explain how to create multi-dimensional manifestations, I think Graham Dewyea has done one heck of an awesome job! I recommend everyone who chooses to step into their creator-status watch this video (8min 11sec). 

From Steve Beckow’s website.

In his continuing video journal, Graham Dewyea shares his thoughts and personal reflections about the Ascension process. In this particular entry, Graham talks about how we’re all creating the New Earth. He says:

“I’ve been seeing some great results with the work I’ve been doing to manifest!   I’ve put a creation formula to the test with very positive results!

“We’re creating the new world – and it’s full of possibilities. The time to create – to manifest our desires – is right now.”

Thanks to BZ Riger for assistance creating the video.


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