One With the Light

AngelicView: Here’s an NDE from a Nurse with a PhD. I love her honesty and gusto in trying so hard to explain the unexplain-able.

Intense pain, loud noise, swiftly extracted through the top of my head to the uppermost left-hand corner of the ceiling of the surgical suite.  Awareness of self as being present while observing medical staff suddenly going into resuscitation mode-realizing I still existed and was not afraid (contrary to previous earthly experience of being young, single, Mom raising a 3 year old and questioning Meaning of existence).  I thought, “This must be who I really am” when I myself in that state and found that “I” was an alive entity/being without a body (and saw that body on the table).  I thought, “they think I’m gone, but I’m really up here.”  -Was exhilarated, curious, and wanted to “see where this would go.”

In all, I recall 4 various dimensions, and curiously don’t recall the transitions (in choosing to re-experience this daily in a meditative/prayer state I want to recall the transitions but have not).  Next, I was moving/flying thru space (dark void) at an unbelievably swift speed aware eventually that I could control speed and direction with awareness.  Became aware there were objects in that dark space (maybe like stars in the sky?) that were bright in comparison and was attracted to them.  Had the sense of avoiding some and “steering” toward others (good and bad?).

Then there was One of incredible dimension, brightness, beauty, majesty…. As I was drawn toward (combined with earnest choice) could see complex shapes and colors (words don’t describe-have tried to draw) and dimensions where the colors and shapes were overlaid one on another (like translucent immense precious stones fitted together to form a complex multi-doesn’t describe-dimensional impression of a Most Loving Being that drew me to Him, invited me in, and pointed the Way to the Light.  ALL wisdom and love was conveyed via unheard thought transmission from that Being (Jesus?).  That light was a yet far distant point that I immediately (in combination again of will and being drawn) directly my self to with all earnestness with the conscious goal of uniting with that light (or perish?).  As I approached, the light grew larger, brighter, compelling until I was suddenly thrust into it (beyond a sense of boundary) with indescribable speed.  That is the only transition that is recalled. 

Now, in the light…. for eternity (seemed like), experience a sense of being “held,” immersed, fully bathed, buoyant, ONE WITH THE LIGHT! A golden light, warmth, embracing. A state of (words are inaccurate) ALL LOVE, peace, unity….  Wisdom from God, at the center, and innumerable other, unseen others poured into me to teach and explain to me the immense divinity of His overall plan from the beginning of time to the future. I soaked in with the conscious preciousness of gratitude for the unique, yet ever present for all, experience of knowing the immensity of the glorious plan.  I felt like a “chosen tutoree” with a privilege to be present here. I understood, in that experience, why and how God had been present and ever will be.  That the experience on Earth is like a stage for all the divine beings to observe, cajole, and minister to individuals on Earth as they choose what they will and direct their own selves toward God or away (inadequate, incomplete theology to explain). 

At the same time, I could perceive, from their perspective also the literal view of Earth from there (Heaven?) and even move around the planet from many, various perspectives while still being There and continuing to receive transmission. Seemed like an eternity that I wanted to remain in, yet there was a “direction” to comprehend and maintain what I was learning.  Eventually, there was a sense of a need to return and participate in transmitting/sharing this experience. 

Actually, that came in the next dimension (not recall transition) where I was standing in front of the most beautiful/exquisite representation of the English cottage I always conceived in my mind since earliest memory in childhood of the perfect home.  I was outside the gate (picket fence with curved arbor climbing with roses)-so real, The golden light was streaming from the windows in the late dusk.  I knew God was in the house (can see all the details of the home…) and I wanted to go in to be with Him.  As I put my hand on the handle to go in I was told “If you go in you cannot come out.  You have a little son (then 4 YEAR OLD) who needs you.  The people on earth need to know all that you have witnessed/experience.  -That their experience is not the totality of existence, but a crucial part of the overall plan.”  Could “see”/understand that my fear was an obstacle to coming to know God and His presence, not only for me, but also for all.  That was the overriding message, the root of all evil in this world, and the foci of their interest/message to this world.  Then, the reverse of the initial experience of moving from that state back in thru the top of my head. 

I became aware that I had a sheet over my whole body and head, that I was no longer in the surgical suite, and knew that they thought I was dead.  I knew that I had to move, with all effort, finally did, saw the surprise on the anesthesiologist’s face who was present with the nurse who I did not see.  Later, when roused by the surgeon, he dramatically questioned, “Where did you go, I thought I lost you?”  The rest is hx (history in Nurse terms).  I recovered, chose not to return to work, focused on my son, behaved in ways that were incongruent with previous experience that were motivated totally by this experience.  Subsequent detail available, that validate the presence of reality from that experience in all my behavior, if you like. 

  •  There were specific communications in memorable words, yet the overall experience. was presented in thought, feelings, and images that moved so unbelievably swift that is difficult to express in words-more like an imprint.
  • (I learned) All history documented from the beginning as we know it, as well as events described in the Bible.  Also, my perception of discerning here what is to happen is variable acute.  Increasing world hatred in conflict with the divine plan….
  • Every act and thought has emanated from the perspective of this experience.  Yet, I feel I have not satisfied my responsibility to the extent that it can be.  I am willing now, more than ever (b/c ((because)) of a renewing of the urgency) to commit my self totally.
  • One cannot return to everyday reality and at the same time know the full reality.
  •  I can no longer live within the confines of usual, common experience, and am frustrated by it.  I need to express to anyone who has an hear to ear, and an eye to see that we exist within a much larger dimension that is exquisitely designed and available to all.  Ironically, our fears can keep us from experience this reality here, cause all the strife and dissension with one another, and within ourselves.  I speak, mostly one on one with others, and feel called to disseminate this experience/knowledge much more widely.


4 thoughts on “One With the Light

  1. This was very good! You know, it sort of reminds me of our awakening moments. Not as florid and beautiful as her experience but very similar.

    Plus, I love what she says in that last paragraph. That’s us!

    That’s the lightworkers.

    Think your mom and dad would read this?

    • No way – I highly doubt it at this point. I have mentioned to them many times that I have learned tremendous insights from reading NDE’s and they haven’t really said much or taken an interest in them. All in their own time. Or never – as they choose 😉

  2. Absolutely beautiful story. I had chills run over my entire body when you mentioned the cabin. In my minds eye I have too pictured this perfect cabin nestled in the woods and with this image I have stamped on my heart the emotional state of being at home where no judgement is present. Although I knew this home existed and it was where God was, I knew I could not go there for I have a mission within this 3D reality. I have been attempting to share that experience with everyone i come in contact with by being that sense of home for all. Your story has truly given me a sense of warmth and comfort inside for why I am here.

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