Tolec Status Update

From his website:

Before an alleged “ultimatum & attempted forced “Disclosure” were allegedly made “to the Queen and various government leaders” by a “PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL” in collaboration w the Galactic Federation/Confederation of Light (GFOL);  which I felt necessitated a firm response & the valid questions I asked with the ‘London 2012 Olympics – August 4th Critique‘ interview that I gave –
I had already begun a transition, a shift, in my “Tolec” work.   With the forthcoming “Cosmic event” about to transpire, and the visitation of Ambassador Tanka, Diplomat Maka & Vice-Chairwoman Tania, and immediately following them the people of the four (4) Andromeda Council planets, who will be meeting & visiting with the people of Earth in various countries around the globe –
I intend to continue this transition & focus the majority of my work efforts on the organization & location planning of the various meeting sites of over 35+ countries… for our star ‘brothers, sisters & cousins’ of the Andromeda Council who will be visiting with the people of Earth for many months on end.   It’s important I do this work.
Therefore, given the above enormous visitation planning & coordination work effort this involves, with the help of people in other countries, I  continue to focus on this work until the people of the Andromeda Council… begin to meet with you the people of Earth.  As such, please do not expect any new interviews by me.
Until the people of the Andromeda Council begin to visit… I wish all of you great growth during these amazing times of change we live in.

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