What is a “Lightworker”?

What is a “Lightworker”?

I’ve been thinking lately on how often we use the term “lightworker”. I, for one, use it a lot in my blog. And so I sought to define it.

Is it someone who is highly spiritual?

Someone who does a lot of good deeds?

Well, many lightworkers have these qualities. But I don’t think those things define what a lightworker is.

Do all lightworkers know that they are lightworkers? Well, let’s go ahead and define it first.

If you take the first part of the word, “light”, this helps a lot in defining the whole word. “Light”, in this context, is synonymous with the word “energy”, which is also synonymous in Universal terms to the word “love”.

So light, energy, and love mean exactly the same thing in this context.

This is how we can define a “lightworker”. It is someone who works with – or uses, or manipulates, or controls – energy. A lightworker is a person who works with energy (/light/love).

That is the job (or j.o.b.) that many of us have come here to Earth to do. We have come here to work with energies. The ways in which it can be done and the reasons for doing it, along with who or what the energies are directed to, well, that list can be as long as the transcontinental railroad! And that could possibly be a subject for a different post.

So, do all lightworker know that they are lightworkers? I would say, no. Not all of them. You have the “awakened” ones who know what they’re here to do and basically how to do it. Then you have the “unawakened” ones. They may possibly be doing their job even without the knowledge that they are doing it.

Any comments here would be appreciated. If you’d like to contradict what I say – that’s fine – I’d like to hear your viewpoint. Or perhaps you’d like to add to my definition, that is appreciated, as well.

And speaking of appreciation, we are up to nearly 12,000 readers now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are reaching all the way around the globe. Every single country. I appreciate you walking with me in this experience! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “What is a “Lightworker”?

  1. It is someone who brings some light; who put curiosity in others to search for the light; who shows some possible ways; who light a candle in the darkness…

    Love and LIGHT… πŸ™‚


    • Yes! That is a good point, Miguel, and a good addition. Some lightworkers are here just to bring light/love/energy to Earth and her people. Thank you and Love and Light right back at ya! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi angelicview,

    Thanks for the invitation to come visit πŸ™‚

    Way back yonkers I used to read about Lightworkers and
    thought they were people who were esoteric and practising some kind of new age religion. It was like a light bulb moment when I heard the word Spirituality and thus my journey began. I personally prefer the label “energy worker”.

  3. I like to use the term “goofball” for me.

    It’s funny, Shannon, but before I was awakened I knew I was different somehow. People gravitated to me, seeking advice, unloading on me, asking for help. It got to the point where I was called a preacher when I was in my twenties.

    You, too?

    The thing is, though, I didn’t ask for any of it. The people just came. Sometimes I found I was the center of attention and I didn’t want to be AT ALL.

    As I look back on it everything comes into sharp focus. I was an unawakened lightworker all my life.

    Now, I’m awakened. Well, now what?

    (I like it much better when you write your own posts!)

    • You’re right Mike. Sometimes lightworkers come out as great leaders! Other ones seem to sit in the background and quietly do their job. And that’s okay, too. Everyone does what’s right for them – and I think that’s how the world should work.

      Now what? Well, just keep practicing on working with the energy/love/light. You think you can’t do it but you can do it πŸ˜‰

  4. We never had a moniker before the word light worker. Friend was the only word used to describe us in the past. We knew we were different, didn’t go with the flow and it’s amazing that some even thought they were outcasts from society.

    I moved to Boulder Colorado in my 20’s, that’s when I realized there were other people like me, of like mind, deep thinkers, willing to explore other forms of spirituality.

    That was my turning point, to be open to others viewpoints, without judgment or ridicule or embarrassment. These are all feelings we feel when our views differ from the mainstream society.

    • Isn’t it so nice when we can just be who we are without being judged by others? Again, I think that’s how the world should work! I don’t judge others and I appreciate not being judged back. I am friends with Athiests, Christians, Wiccans – you name it! No judgement here… everyone should do or believe what feels right to them. πŸ™‚

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  6. I looked up the reason why I would see the number 911 EVERYWHERE! and I learned about the Angel numbers (literally 10 minutes ago) It said i’m here to be a lighworker but i don’t know how to start or go about it. I agree i have always had a positive and energetic outook and disposition and people always tell me the same thing. Any advice?

    • Sure! The power lies within yourself. Think about what you are interested in. What are you passionate about? Then research that subject and find a way to apply it in the world.

      For example, I love to study NDE’s and OBE’s. I believe it gives us a glimpse of what lies on the other side of the veil. I researched these things for years and then started a blog to share my knowledge with others.

      What are you interested in? Wherever your passion lies is where you will find the answer on what you should do next, because it is your Spirit telling you what is written in your contract πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you so much for your response. I have a pasion for Copywriting/Advertising and using my creative side. and i’m going to school for this now. Just want to learn how to use my knowledge and that internal passion more.

  8. Hi

    I just discovered yesterday that i am a lightworker. I feel akward in terms of i do not belong here and people do not understand me. I am a sister (nurse) and i do love to help people out. Even outside work ppl come to me and talk about their problems. I feel extermly sad to live on this earth as there so much happening, ppl r suffereing and the world itself. I do not want to live in this unhealthy unfriendly world. I do sometimes feel leaving this world. Please direct me or let me discover myself alot more.

    • Welcome to the world of the Lightworker Nagina πŸ™‚ I want you to know that it’s very, very common for us to experience the feeling of not belonging and the sense that we just want to go home – wherever that is! However, I believe the world is on the precipice of great change (for the better, of course) and we need all of us we can get at this late point in the game. We need you to not be sad – but to find your joy. I recommend watching some Bentinho Massaro videos, or reading some very inspirational material, going out in nature, spending some time alone, doing art or music. Not worrying too much about all the suffering in the world because not much longer will suffering be an available option for people to choose. We are the ones that bring change – and the Earth needs just that just now πŸ™‚

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