Spirit: Remember Who You Are?

by AngelicView

A Twinkling Star

About two years ago, someone on Facebook told me that he thought I was from Sirius. Another Facebook friend told me that he thought I was Pleiadian.

Well, there’s one star in the sky that twinkles like no other and it has caught my attention for the last year or so. I stare at it and it seems to twinkle in different colors. A few times I even wondered if it was a spaceship!

As I stared at that star for so long now, I started thinking about why it twinkles so, and questioning what it looks like up close, and wondered who might live there.

Sooo… Who Am I?

Well, finally I downloaded the Google Star Map on my ‘Droid and pointed it at the star. It’s Arcturus.

That made me wonder if I was from there.


When we talk about figuring out who we are, it doesn’t mean where we’ve incarnated before. Many of us have incarnated in ‘this’ star system or ‘that’ star system. Right now we’re “Earthlings”.

Right now we wear the body of an Earthling. Before that we may have worn the body of a Pleiadian. And before that we may have worn the body of an Arcturian. But that’s not what we’re talking about when we are talking about who we really are.

Who we are is “Creator Gods”.

We came from God, or Source, or the Creator (or the Big Kahuna) at the beginning. But even before that we existed within God. Since we were set free to explore the Universes, we carry a spark or sliver of God.

It’s inside each one of us. It’s inside the “normal” person as much as the lightworker person. God is even inside the evil person. He is in all of us. We are all Him and He is all of us. We are all One.

If you want to try to figure out where you’ve incarnated before – then go right ahead! It’s a very interesting subject. But it’s not necessary.

So what is necessary then?

What is important is that we know we are creator beings.

Up until now in our lives we have been practicing with creating. In the 3D reality that we’ve been living in, what goes around comes back around very slowly. So slowly, in fact, that we don’t even realize that we created it!

Things are starting to come back to us sooner now. And they will continue to do so quicker and quicker as the next bit of time progresses, until we will be able to see our creations instantaneously.

Keep practicing! Keep in mind that you are a creator being. That is who you are.

ARCTURUS— did you know??

–“One of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It exists in fifth-dimension and is the prototype for Earth’s future. Its energies work as emotional, mental, and spiritual healers for humanity. The star is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth. It functions as a gateway station for non-physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. Arcturus is a stargate through which souls pass, to choose whether to return to the Earth-sun system, or evolve to others.”— Edgar Cayce— (Cayce mentioned Arcturus over 30 times in his readings)

—“Arcturus is the midpoint between the Earth and other higher levels of consciousness. It is the governing body for our universe which determines the spiritual progress of humanity. Arcturus is the first docking station that allows us to travel beyond our consciousness. Humans whose coded DNA has been activated by the keys will be taken up through Arcturus before moving on to other levels of creation.
Arcturus is home to the most ascended of beings known as the White Brotherhood of Light. Its master is Sananda, also known on this Earth plane as Jesus, “the son”. It is the Arcturians who are responsible for the crop circle phenomenon in England. The Arcturians communicate using frequencies and harmonics, and the crop circle signatures are currently ascending the harmonic scale. The Arcturians have been doing this for hundreds of years.”—(Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch)

3 thoughts on “Spirit: Remember Who You Are?

  1. We belong everywhere, that is the truth. We come from the same source, we ARE.

    Much Love and Light to you ❤


  2. Great post! The ones that come from inside you are the best ones, ya know.

    I believe I have come from the planet Flatulencea, a world of misunderstood beings who like to share their internal emissions as a sign of peace and goodwill and yet, they are rejected.

    The universe can be so unfair…

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