Andrew Basiago

In this video, Lisa Harrison interviews Andrew Basiago and Bernard (Bernie) Mendez. And let me tell you, your mind has to be wide open to let all of this in!

Basically, Andrew was in conversation with one of his old friends back in 2010 (I think he said 2010 – this is from memory) and between the two of them – rehashing old times – they started to have memories of strange occurrences and experiences as children and young adults. They are still in the process of piecing all of this together, so it’s really just “where they are now” with their understandings of the happenings and this might be subject to change if they think of new things.

Some things discussed are:

  1. The Montauk Project / Project Pegasus
  2. The Jumproom to Mars
  3. Time Travel
  4. Brainwashing / MK Ultra
  5. Psychic experiences

One of the most interesting things that I found was when Andrew was talking about time traveling to the time of the Civil War. He said that he traveled there in order to use the Earth Hologram (there we go again with the Earth being holographic) to “check out a different timeline”.

He says that they’ve also been known to time travel in order to create new timelines or to change a current one.

Since they’ve talked about the subject so much in the last few years, they are questioning now whether that jumproom was really going to Mars or not. Apparently, Mars was just a guess based on what we think the land is like there.


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