Beyond the Veil

AngelicView: Below is a short excerpt from a series of articles that resonated with me. This is something I have tried to explain to people before when they have said to me, “Shannon! There is NO WAY I would have chosen THIS life! Ever!”
And to those people, I know it seems like we wouldn’t have chosen this. But we did. 
I kind of liken it to childbirth. We know the pregnancy is going to be uncomfortable and we know the birth will be painful (to the extreme, for many). And yet we continue to have more children. We decide over and over again to have another baby. (I only had one – I learned the 1st time! lol) And we love that child with all of our hearts and hopefully it’s everything we ever wanted.
That’s kind of like what we go through when we decide to incarnate somewhere. For one thing, we are coming from a place that is blissful and sweet in every single way. You want so bad to make up for mistakes you made in the past (read: Karma) and you know how much it will teach you (read: advance your soul growth). It doesn’t seem like it will take very long (read: not much longer than a blink of an eye) and it doesn’t seem like it will be that difficult (read: nothing seems difficult when you’re in that wonderful state of mind on the other side of the veil).
(Excerpt from article below…) ↓
The Nature of the Reciprocal Veil of Forgetfulness
The nature of this reciprocal veil of forgetfulness is that while on the other side, the intensity of that which is the 3rd dimensional reality is largely forgotten.

The overriding connection to the higher consciousness, to the soul, demands experiences of growth and development, and sees the fuller picture that the journey is about expanding consciousness, raising consciousness, and that the difficulties, the hardships of physical reality are often grossly diminished in that spiritual state.

They are not completely remembered, so that those who contemplate a physical experience often do so from that highest level or optimism.

The Reason The Soul Seeks Out the Physical Experience

They have that life goal, that life plan, that lifeline that they wish to accomplish in the physical reality they are about to enter. Doing so will promote the growth of the soul and advance it tremendously.

There is that which is available in physicality that is not available in that which is a purer state of consciousness that is not bound in a physical manner. It is this intense experience that is desired by the soul for it is a cauldron of intensity that will rapidly accelerate soul growth. This is known and it is for this reason that the soul seeks out the physical experience, for on the physical plane the journey of consciousness expansion and evolving rapidly is indeed accelerated tremendously.

Thus it is seen of great value to go back into a physical condition and have a physical life and the hardships of that physical life that are experienced by the soul on the journey of life are not even thought of or considered as being of importance.

It is from this state of optimism that one can look at a probable life and truly sense and feel and think that they will be able to handle the hardships and difficulties that lie of the other side of the veil. This is that which this Awareness is referring to when It suggests there is a reciprocal energy of forgetfulness to a degree that exists on the other side of the veil.

If the soul was to have the exact same reaction that often occurs through the entity who is living a physical life, then far less aspects of the soul would choose to come into physical incarnation, for if they understood and felt the pain and remembered even more acutely, then it is more than possible that many would simply not come into the physical experience and they would avoid the crucible or physicality and stay in that more blissful and serene state that is presented to the soul in the non-corporeal states of consciousness.

However, it is the intense desire to grow and expand that drives the soul and causes it to seek out physical experiences, even though they will be intense, and even though they will often challenge the individual to the extreme.


6 thoughts on “Beyond the Veil

  1. This is why me and my higher self are gonna have a talk when all this is over!

    My higher self needs a little reminder about what it’s like down here!

    A good wedgie might do the trick…

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