What Disclosure Would Mean to Me

What Disclosure Would Mean to Me

Disclosure means something different to different people. Certainly, I think it would bring on a lot of positive things for Earth and her people. Below I have given my viewpoint on what disclosure of Extra Terrestrials/Extra Dimensionals would mean to me.

Revealing of Truths

In the “awakened” community, we all know that our leaders do not necessarily make their decisions based upon what would be best for all their peoples. In fact, we know that they haven’t for a very long time. I believe that disclosure would reveal to all of Humanity that there are truths out there that need to be revealed, accepted, and dealt with in order for Humanity to evolve.

Peace on Earth

I believe it is possible that after we have met our ET/ED friends and family, that guns will be placed upon the ground and cannons will be snuffed out forever. Yes, I think we may actually see peace on Earth.

Better Health for Everyone

Including the end of starvation. Clean water for everyone on Earth to drink. Clean air to breathe. New advancements in medicine to end diseases. And certainly Monsanto would be out the window for good.

A Job for Everyone

No, I don’t mean a “daily grind” type of j.o.b where you go to work every day. The kind of job I’m talking about is a new kind of job. It’s the “work” we all came here to do. We can finally get started, sink our teeth in, get our hands dirty.

I believe the jobs will be something to further Humanity in it’s Evolution. The people of planet Earth will come alive like a beehive that’s been shaken. We will stand up together, lock arms, and walk out of this Hell Hole once and for all. 

And to do that, we will all have a job to do.

A Chance to Evolve

I believe Human-Kind has been held back over the last multiple thousands of years from evolving normally. I don’t know that it was an “evil plan” necessarily. However, I am quite certain that after this part of the experiment is through, we will be allowed to evolve as we were meant to.

Space Travel

And finally, and maybe further on down the road, we can look forward to space travel.

I feel I would be at home there.

7 thoughts on “What Disclosure Would Mean to Me

  1. Hey!

    What happens if I want my job to be sitting on my derriere and not doing anything?

    Do I have to do something right away? I think I’d like to take some long naps. Every day. For like a year or two.

    Very nice post, SA.

    So, when do we get to start all the fun?

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