Possible Earth Futures

Possible Earth Futures by Lorna Byrne

AngelicView: Thanks to in5d for the introduction to Lorna Byrne.

As an infant lying in the crib, Lorna Byrne used to try to catch angels and play with them.  Lorna sees angels like you and I see each other, adding that everyone has a guardian angel who is the gatekeeper of your soul.

Lorna was told by her angels about possible future scenarios.  “It was like a complete change of the planet.  It’s like the air becomes so clear.  Even the grass that grows… the plants, the trees and the waters… all pollution seems to disappear and somehow we manage because of evolution, because of our body and soul.  It is part of evolution coming closer. We have such a beautiful future ahead of us if we all listen, if we allow ourselves to develop spiritually.”

In regard to December 21, 2012, Lorna emphasizes that “the angels told me not to even think about 2012, just to move people forward (spiritually).  That’s why the book was written, to wake people up. It’s about getting to that stage where evolution takes over.”

In A Message of Hope from the Angels Irish mystic Lorna Byrne brings a vital, urgent communication from above for these challenging times. ‘The Angel told me, “Hope makes the impossible possible.”

Lorna sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people and she speaks to them every day. In the past Lorna has talked about her life, and how the angels prepared her to deliver a message to the world. This book contains her message of hope, and this message is for you.

She writes about how she sees angels helping people when they are feeling tired, helpless, depressed, unloved, inadequate as a parent, struggling financially or simply too busy.In A Message of Hope from the Angels Lorna tells in a simple and direct way how you can call on this help to make your life better and happier.

AngelicView: In this ↓ video, Lorna talks about possible futures for Earth.

And in this  ↓ video, she talks about the Angels she sees from birth until present time (as of June 2009):


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