For Those who Doubt

Don’t we all have doubts about our futures? Especially when it comes to something like, “the whole world is going to change and we will all experience ascension and everything that goes with it…”.

For me, as one who has conversation with someone who I call “Spirit” (who I believe is just my own higher self), do you think I might have asked a time or two (or twenty) whether ascension is real or not? Of course I have. When I ask that, I do not get an answer. The silence, in fact, is quite deafening! However, Spirit has a great way of leading me to the answers! I see it as a way of Spirit answering me indirectly by making me figure it out for myself. So when I asked this question, “is ascension real?” the answer I got from Spirit was to go back and read some more NDE’s.

For years now I have been a student of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). Now, I can tell you that many people are afraid of reading these stories. It’s hard for me to understand why. What better way to get information about the afterlife (or the life between lives) than from someone who has been there and has come back to tell us all about it! If you wonder about the authenticity of NDE’s, then check out this thread I wrote on ATS (Above Top Secret) entitled, “Scientific Evidence of Survival of Consciousness After Death” [ ]. If you follow the links I have provided, you will see that it shows proof that NDE’s are real. Besides, why would thousands of people all be lying?

So, since reading literally thousands of NDE accounts, I have learned a lot of basic universal knowledge like, “Suddenly, I had all knowledge. All that I had ever heard or known was swept away. I knew… that there is no sin or evil. I knew that I had existed since the moment of creation and that I shall always exist and that all consciousness is in the act of becoming. I knew that I had lived many times in physical reality and I watched those expressions and observed each of them. I experienced what we mean when we say that we have free will and that we choose everything. There are no absolutes. I watched every thought I had ever chosen to its natural end, and each person it had touched. I knew that I was, and had always been a speaker. Which meant I carried information between entities and their expressions. I was in physical reality because it is time for the physical being to mature and accept their responsibility for their creation and to realize that they create their reality. I knew then that I must return because my role was not finished yet. I gained the knowledge that all people choose their own time and create the method of their demise.” [ ]

And, “I was shown what appeared to be a flowing river. It was silver and shimmering as it flowed. The drops in the river were each a different color yet all flowed together as one body of water. Nothing gave me the impression this was actually water or a river but this is the best descriptive example that can be given of something I witnessed for which there are no words. The main body of the flow was silvery shimmering lights with different colored drops on the flow. I understood (I use this term because I did not actually hear) the colored drops were the experiences of all who had lived. The experiences existed as separate items yet belonged to the whole. The whole was the collective knowledge of all. I understood there was no individual, just one, yet each experience was individual making up the whole. This concept of ONE is so foreign to any description I can give, there seems to be no way now of describing it. My previous understanding of ONE was a single uniqueness. In this case ONE is something else. Many being ONE and ONE being many, both existing simultaneously in the same time and space.”
[’s_nde.htm ]

This is but a splinter of knowledge of the amount that is contained in these NDE accounts. And so, with all that I have learned from reading NDE accounts, I take that which I know in my heart to be true and then apply it to what I see in the world and things I read on the internet. If something I read does not match up with what I know to be true, then I can discount that reading. But if I read something that concurs with what I already know, then I feel that the reading might be true. I can tell you that almost all of the channeled messages match up with NDE accounts.

By the way, I highly recommend reading Anita Moorjani’s NDE account [’s_nde.htm] as it contains some awesome insights into our consciousness. She is the Author of the book, “Dying to be Me”, and she has a few You Tube videos talking about her NDE. The link I provided was the first time she shared her story.

Usually the person did have knowledge of the future, but either was unable to bring that information back with them or else they were made aware that they were not to share the knowledge with humanity yet. However, some people have.

I highly suggest people read Dannion Brinkley’s NDE account in which he talks about the whole world being on the brink of a spiritual awakening. [ ]

Ned Dougherty says, “A profound spiritual awakening will occur to everyone on Earth. People will be able to perform supernatural events and miraculous healings” in his NDE [ ]

Even the great Edgar Cayce has described his interpretation on the Book of Revelations, as outlined here in another thread I authored on ATS:

And so the NDE accounts might give us some inspiration as far as the future of humanity. There are a few things that we can see in the world today, too. One thing is all the uprisings in all the countries around the world. People are waking up! Even my own parents are beginning to see the lie that our government and financial system really is (and that’s a big deal). Also, if you take a look at online forums, you might see a change in the way people are talking there. It’s obvious if you’ve read and paid attention that people are indeed waking up. For example, check out this thread entitled, “Can You Feel It?”, written in April of 2011 [ ]. At the start of the thread you will see that many people say that they can’t feel anything and what are you talking about? But towards the end of the thread you will find that almost everyone can “feel it”.

And think about this for just a moment – is our way of life here on Earth really sustainable? Our governments, our money system, our court systems? Think on that for a week or so if you’re new to this subject. The answer you’ll come up with is probably “no, it’s not”. It’s not. And so when I wonder if we are on the brink of something completely life-altering, I have to come to the conclusion that we are indeed, because something has got to give. Is it going to be “ascension” and all that comes with that? I’m not truly sure. I hope so! But at the very least I am seeing a collapse of our way of life as we know it. And after that, well, who knows for sure? I think an evolution of human-kind is completely within the limits of my imagination.


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