The Stargate of Atlantis II

(Continued from Part I)


Our ability to grasp the importance of the Atlantis myth to current events is matched only by our ability to absorb the astounding. Atlantis is the missing piece in the puzzle, it is the beginning and ending of all that is, the compliment to the biblical Eden and book of Revelation’s New Jerusalem, the 12-gated city that will descend from the sky.

The theory of Atlantis has traditionally been studied almost entirely as a topic of archaeology, geology and history. This, however, is not the whole story. Atlantis is a creation myth ala the Old Testament book of Genesis. This means it is susceptible to many levels of interpretation, including the historical, but also the metaphorical and allegorical.

To use a modern word, Atlantis is a meme, a “catch all” phrase or code-symbol. Like ‘America’ it is a place name, but also a mental program, amatrix or realm of possibility.

It is a spiritual goal.

Intriguingly, the word meme is composed of ME (pronounced ‘may’), the name of the lost tablets of creation of Sumerian myth. The Anunnaki lordEnki (Poseidon in Atlantis) guarded these tablets at this temple at Eridu.

When Plato repeated this story he unleashed a mind-altering idea. Passing through the millennia and winding down road after road, through culture after culture like a river, this tune has gained resonance. As a river seeks to find the ocean, I believe the Atlantis story is itself a stargateleading us to the cosmic ocean.

If Atlantis only exists as a brain pattern or frequency nabbed out thin air by billions of antennas embedded in central nervous systems and replicated billions of times throughout history so be it. Some claim ‘Jesus Christ’ is also a meme. Look at the impact such ‘vibes’ have on humanity. Curiously, both Jesus and Atlantis are symbolized by a cross.

As is true of the meme of the Cross the symbolic representation of and substitute for Jesus, the story of Atlantis has been passed along vertically throughout generations and horizontally among groups of like-minded individuals, the great initiates. Both stories symbolize the triumph of enlightenment over ignorance. Both teachings have been in a continuous state of alteration and vigorous promotion. Both deserve their acclaimed moniker of “the greatest story ever told.”


Transmitted along with the meme for Atlantis is its symbol or icon known as the Cross of Atlantis. As with the ‘Living Cross’, the Cross of Atlantis should be viewed as a living structure, both metaphorically and technologically.

The capital of Atlantis was a maritime city with an enormous port, having alternating zones of land and sea, divided into three zones. In the innermost ring was a sacred mountain, possibly a volcano, where the original race of Atlas arose. The Atlanteans built a royal palace atop this hill and it became a ‘marvel to behold for its size and beauty’. In the middle of the citadel was a temple dedicated to Poseidon and Cleiton.

This description of two great circles of land around an island, and three great circles of water around the land reveals the symbol for Atlantis known as the Cross of Atlantis.

The Cross of Atlantis

A symbol is a sign. As the great symbolist Jordan Maxwell notes in the introduction to Stellar Theology, a symbol indicates direction or it informs one of ownership. A sign is a logo that says this item belongs to this group. This Cross of Atlantis sign says “this place belongs to the gods. Humans keep out.”

Schliemann’s City of the Golden Gates with Atlantis logo (1906).

Its main characteristic is the shape of the water canals and the land zones together

with the bridges forming the “Cross of Atlantis”.

The Center represents the capitol of Atlantis.

Although Plato does not mention this center’s name other traditions do record the name of the capital of Atlantis.

Meru is the name of this center.

The 4th century B.C. Greek historian Theopompus tells us that one of the names of the people

who inhabited Atlantis were the Meropes, the people of Merou.

The Atlantis logo is composed of a sun disk  or Cross of Light  embedded in concentric rings . According to Laurence Gardner, writing in The Magdalene Legacy, a cross within a circle is called a Rosi-Crucis – the Dew Cup – and is the original symbol for the Holy Grail.

The concentric rings.

The concentric rings primarily symbolize vibration. In addition, they can represent a vortex. As in the example from NASA below, the concentric rings also may represent a two-dimensional expression of a three-dimensional experience: that of traveling through interstellar passageways calledstargates or wormholes.

This fact offers extraordinary possibilities when interpreting the Atlantis meme and is one that I’d like to go into here.

This hypothetical spacecraft with a “negative energy” induction ring was inspired by recent theories describing how space could be warped with negative energy to produce hyperfast transport to reach distant star systems. In the 1990s, NASA Glenn Research Center lead the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project.

NASA’s primary effort to produce near-term, credible, and measurable progress toward the technology breakthroughs needed to revolutionize space travel and enable interstellar voyages.

The 2-D rings symbolize a 3-D vortex.

In the past few years the scientifically rooted concept of wormholes and star gates, also called the Einstein-Rosen bridge, have become popular topics of such television shows as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Sliders and movies such as Stargate and Contact which feature ancient stargate technology for opening wormholes in space/time.

When the concentric rings of Atlantis are interpreted as a vibration — a ring or a stargate — it suggests that as a creation tale one of the most important concepts that the theory of Atlantis embodies is the stargate.

A modern depiction of a wormhole.

Theoretically, physicists view wormholes as time machines that may open gateways to parallel dimensions. They are the subjects of intense scientific research in America and Europe.

If we apply the three-dimensional approach to the two-dimensional concentric rings of Atlantis, we may hypothesize that it symbolizes a vortex. TheGreat Cross of Atlantis may be thought of as a Great Crossing place, a place of passage, to pass through one realm to another. Perhaps even to pass over the stars or pass through the galaxy.

As mentioned, the symbol of Atlantis is derived from the description of the enclosure constructed by the gods to protect the original sacred hill of Atlantis. As noted by Plato, the gods built this enclosure to keep humans out. Therefore, the sign of Atlantis could read “Atlantis: Property of the gods. Humans keep out.”’

In this capacity the Cross of Atlantis is identical to the Gate of Eden. Because Adam and Eve were disobedient to Yahweh, the god of Eden sent them out of the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:23). He placed at the east of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way (it rotated gyroscopically), to keep the way of the way of the tree of life.

Significantly, the Tree of Life is equated with the Cross. Therefore, the description of the mysterious Gate of Eden is of a rotating gate. The description of the rotating gate of Eden brings to mind a gyroscope and also the alien Stargate Machine featured in the Warner Brothers movieContact (1996).

A gyroscope.

The gyroscopic Stargate Machine from the movie Contact.

Two Nubian figures stand beside a pillar in the middle of the Egyptian symbol for gate.

The pillar at the center of the image is the one featured in the drawings on the left and right.

It belonged to Osiris. It was called the Stairway to Heaven.

For more on this pillar please see my article The Ark’s Missing Piece.

The Sumerian sun god entered Earth

through a gateway  with a tree that resembles Osiris’ pillar beside it.

I can hear the reader thinking are you bleeping kidding me? The average person, let alone a credentialed archaeologist, when discussing such a phenomenon as Atlantis can barely accept the idea of vanished civilization. Adding to this mix the possibility that the inhabitants were advanced, possibly even vastly advanced from our hyper-technological civilization is nonsense, babbling (‘Babel’ in Hebrew, a word which originally meant ‘gate’).

This is as unique as it is revolutionary. It is also quite hopeful as the concept of Atlantis rising is the jewel of many prophecy hunters. As we will see, wormhole symbolism is rampant in the story of Atlantis. It suggests that the rising of Atlantis has to do with the rise of theoretical physics.

For instance, in his discourse PhaeadoPlato records the astonishing revelation of Socrates in the last moments before his execution that,

“the true Earth itself looks from above, if you could see it, like those twelve-patched leather balls”.

A twelve-patched leather ball describes a dodecahedron. The dodecahedron with twelve five-sided faces was used as a teaching tool to instruct the initiate to know him or herself as an energy system like the Earth. Incredibly, a new study of only recently available scientific data hints that the universe is roughly shaped like a soccer ball, a dodecahedron.


Remarkably, Plato is describing Earth as a three-dimensional pentagonal web into which the soul incarnates. The ancient Greeks likely learned from the Egyptians that the human body is ideally structured geometrically to interface with the dodecahedron and its pentagonal grid.

Plato was not alone in his understanding of the 12-sided Earth. The Cherokee held a complimentary belief. In addition, the second century AD, a group of Christian Gnostics described the sphere of Earth being surrounded by a 12-angled pyramid. These 12 angles are described as “eyes”, “pipes,” and even more fascinating to our investigation, as “holes” or “halls” in the Earth! These, it appears, are the gates of the New Jerusalem.

Today, most researchers into sacred Earth energies concur that the Planetary Grid has 12 primary vortex zones, “halls” or “holes” with the Great Pyramid at the apex control. A network of temple sites throughout the Earth marks the Grid. These sites roughly include:

  • the Great Pyramid of Giza and Heliopolis (“the City of the Sun”)
  • the 1,000 foot high pyramids of southern China, 90 degrees opposite of Giza.
  • Easter Island, 180 degrees opposite the Great Pyramid.
  • the City of the Sun at prehistoric Cuzco, Peru.
  • Teotihuacan in Mexico.
  • the vortices of the Four Corners area of the USA.
  • the Mississippi valley of the southeastern USA.
  • Oak Island, Nova Scotia.
  • the South of France, centered at Rennes-le-Chateau, France.

The 12-fold form is found in numerous mythic structures including these:

Meru, the center of Atlantis,

enfolded within a 12-petaled lotus.

Arthur’s rather Atlantean Roundtable.

The Mount of Salvation at the center of a zodiac.

The activation of this 12-fold Planetary Grid is called the ‘quickening’ of the Earth, an increase in the vibratory levels of humanity and Earth which is thought to spark higher intelligence and increased linkage between minds. The Quickening of our civilization is a result of the “quick-beams” or “quick-rays” emanating from the core of our galaxy and likely radiating through the Meru or Center of Atlantis.

(To be Continued in Part III)

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