I’m Back!

Well my friends, I’m back from my vacation.

Although I used to think that a week’s vacation per year was normal, it just doesn’t feel normal anymore. It seems to be “not enough”. It seems to me to be somehow unnatural to have just one week to enjoy one’s self out of a whole year, and then back to the grind for another year to look forward to one week next summer.

I do hope that we are looking at a changing world. It would be so nice to be able to kick back and enjoy life more. Not just me – but the whole family, as well.

I live just outside one of the most violent cities in America. The small plot of land that I am borrowing from Mother Earth is located just outside that city – in the suburbs.

Where I went to was what we here in Michigan call “Up North”, which just means to northern Michigan.

There you will find a country-side so sweetly beautiful – it will take your breath away.

My parents have a small plot of land that is located on a small fishing lake there. I stayed in a little cabin on that lake that my Dad built. He also built on that land some boarded walkways, a dock, a wooden staircase, a fire pit with benches, a wooden table, and a little wooden bridge.

I love that place.

At night, the skies were so clear that I could see millions of stars – including the Milky Way itself. It was a spectacular sight to behold.

The beaches are glorious – each in their own way.

I am lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful place to take my daughter to every year. When my husband left us, I thought our camping and vacation days were over. Not so, said the Universe!

One night my Dad and I were sitting in the gazebo about 1am-ish, my daughter and her friend were in the tent about 30 feet away, and my Mom was in the motor home about fifteen feet away, when my Dad and I heard a tree start to fall. Time went into slow-motion while we listened – feeling a bit helpless knowing a tree was coming down – but too dark to tell where it was going to land. My eyes widened as we looked at each other.

“Crash, boom!”. A sigh of relief, the tree did not fall on us.

We went to investigate with our flashlights and found that the tree did indeed fall in our direction. However, the top part of the tree had already fallen years ago. So if the tree had have been full and fell like it did that night, we may have been right in it’s path.

Coincidence? I think not. The Universe was looking out for us! Years in advance. (Makes you think, doesn’t it?)

So now I’m back. And as I’m getting unpacked and cleaned up from vacation, I am also working on sharing a very special article with you. Stay tuned. 🙂

Love! Love! Love!


The little cabin ↓

These are murals that we painted on the walls of the cabin. The one I painted is on the right ↓

This is a close-up of the cabin in my mural painting ↓

Here is a close-up of my signature ↓


12 thoughts on “I’m Back!

    • Yes! We caught Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, two Perch, and one Bluegill. Some of the ones that were big enough, I let my daughter filet them herself. She didn’t do half-bad! But let me tell you of the hysterical laughter of one woman and two 12 year old girls filleting fish!

      Yes, we had to go swimming! It was hot and humid. The only way to BE was wet. 😉

            • Haaaaaaaa! She is on a diet. She is actually my old girl, my best friend for 8 years now. She isn’t as fat as she looks, though, because she is a mixture of a yellow lab and another, smaller dog. And so she got the big body of the lab and the shorter, skinnier legs and small head of the smaller dog. So it’s a bit of an illusion. Anyway, poor thing has been with me through thick and thin. She even had to endure some physical abuse from my drug addict boyfriend last summer. I love her. 🙂

              • I hope you’ve given up on men. They’re such jerks.

                And that’s what we would call a “lake dog.” As opposed to one trotting down a street, which we call a “road dog.” Or one sitting on a lawn, which is a “yard dog.”

                • Yes! I can assure you I have completely given up on men altogether! Never once been treated nice by one.

                  Yes, she loves the lake. Right there on the end of the dock is her favorite place to be.

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