Angelic Intervention

One day my friend, Loraine, was driving on a curvy back-country road. She wanted to turn left onto another road but her steering wheel would not turn left! She thought there must be something wrong with her car and so she pulled off over onto the right shoulder of the road. Just then, a speeding vehicle (I don’t remember if it was a car or a truck) came ripping around the curve! If she had have turned left when she had wanted to, that car would have hit her. After that, she never again had a problem with the steering of her car.

Below I have put together some more stories about Angelic Intervention:

  • …when my friend was coming down a hill in her car, and her brakes gave out. She was headed straight for a big semi truck that was coming off a very narrow bridge. She had no where to go but hit him head on because the truck took up most of the room on the bridge. There was no way she had enough space to get on the bridge with the truck. She said she took her hands off the wheel and put them over her face waiting for the impact. When nothing happened, she took her hands away from her face, and she was past the truck in the middle of the bridge.
    I think an angel took a hold of the wheel and guided her safely past the truck, and it also kept the car from going over the side of the bridge! Definitely some type of divine intervention here!  Source
  • When I was in my early teens I went swimming in the river with a bunch of friends. We all started out at an area above where we were parked, and swam down to the parking area. Everyone had already made it to the small sandy area where we were going, but the current got me and pulled me out, and under the water. I remember thinking, ‘this is how I’m going to die’. I was fighting from panic, and I hollered out, “HELP!!”, when I came to the surface, and then got pulled back under again. While I was under the water I heard a voice in my head that said, “It isn’t your time yet. Stop fighting the water, and just relax. You’ll be okay.” So I stopped fighting, and I floated to the surface. When I opened my eyes one of my friends had swam out to get me. He reached for my arm and pulled me out of the current, and we made it to the river’s edge. The rest of my friends watched in stunned awe! They said I scared the s*** out of them! I was shaky myself! The guy that came after me said when I got pulled back under the second time I just missed hitting my head on a big boulder! If I had, I would have been knocked out and drowned.
    I didn’t die, but I still heard, either my spirit guide, or an angel helping me get out of that situation. Source
  • …One day when we went to the pool, I saw him swimming in the deeper section of the pool. He had floaters on, however I didn’t know what those were. I assumed he was touching the bottom of the pool, and ran as fast as I could and jumped past him.Being as I couldn’t swim, I sank straight to the bottom. I struggled for a long time to reach the surface, only breaking the water once or twice – gasping for air each time. I could feel myself wearing down and knew I only had enough energy for one more thrust to the surface. As my feet pressed on the concrete floor of the pool, I just barely broke the surface and saw an old woman looking down at me. I slipped into exhaustion, and sank to the bottom; my feet grazing the concrete floor that I had just pushed off of. Suddenly I felt hands under my arms, lifting me up. The old woman stood on the side of the pool smiling at me, holding me up, and then sat me down. “Thank you,” I said to her. She just smiled as I turned to walk away. I turned after two or three feet to look back at the woman. To my astonishment, she had vanished. Keep in mind that the brick walls surrounded the pool sides, and there was no where she could have gone – especially in that short amount of time. And she was not in the pool, as my friend Patrick was the only one around. Also, unless her arms were about twelve to fifteen feet long, there is no way she could have stood upright, and gripped my arms from the bottom of the pool and lifted me up. Looking back on this experience as a man, I now feel in my heart that this was a guardian angel. Source
  • When I was a child I had a really bad bicycle wreck that landed me in the middle of the street knocked out and unable to get up or walk. It was a quiet residential street a few blocks from my house. When I woke up I laid there screaming for a bit then tried to get up, laid back down screaming and crying, tried to crawl out of the middle of the road to a house. Nobody near where I was was home, there were no garages and no cars in front of any houses on the road. I was freaking out thinking I had to wait till someone came home to find me here in the road. I decided to try again to get up and as soon as I turned over there was a car parked right in front of me. I was startled because the car did not drive up to me, I would have seen or heard it especially since I had gathered myself and stopped screaming and crying so I could think. The car just appeared right in front of me! A little old lady got out, a woman I knew I had never seen before in a little ford convertable that I had never seen before either. She picked me up and put me in the car. Then she picked up my mangled 12 speed bike and put it in her trunk and drove straight to my house. At my house, she knocked on the door, told my Dad she had me in the car and needed help, calling me by my name which I had never told her as she never asked, nor did she ask where lived. He carried me inside the house and she was gone before he could go back and talk to her. My parents had never seen the lady or that car before, none of the neighbors had seen her or the car we described to them. I have no doubt she was a guardian angel.  Source

6 thoughts on “Angelic Intervention

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  2. I had an Angle save me in the south Pacific 18years ago, its a long story,I was saved from certain death! by pirates.this lady stepped into my life and whisked me away from danger,me and a friend were sitting out side a bar ,there were to guys very out of it hassling a tourist for money 40bucks!an they’ll show you spirits in the local grave yard,anyway the Tourist turned to me for help,I said you dont have to go anywhere to see spirits there all around you,the two guys jumped up having a go at me ,I brought in the Michael energy and they fell to the ground as if in a fit!We just walked away.later on we went to see a Band playing and my friend got talking to a few people,I was sitting alone at a table when I felt the presence of someone standing next to me!when I looked around there was a young lady standing there and she said David you are tired come with me and Ill give you rest!now I was taken a back,how did she know my name was David? My Mother was the only person who calls me that!!I’m Dave to all my Friends an Family,anyway She asked me to go with her to a Hotel 5 Star I might add,I protested that I was a bit on the dirty side(I was traveling for 3 months around south Asia at the time on a motorbike!) We walked into that hotel and nobody noticed us at all ,we went to this room which was full of lighted candles scented beautiful she done some message on my back and i fell a sleep,the next morning she was gone and left a note thanking me for saving the Swiss tourists life! i never got her name! but when i got back to the guest house at 9am my friend was in a bad way ,he had been attacked by the pirates on the way home from the gig, and guess what they were looking for me and they were after blood!we got out of their very quick,well i think she was an angle who distracted me from going back to the guest house.what do you think?PEACE

    • I think it very well could have been an Angel! However, one thing is for certain: You were


      meant to die on that day! Thank you for sharing your story with us! 🙂

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