A Life Transormed

Soulic Journey – A Life Transformed By Higher ET Contact

In his beautifully illustrated book, Soulic JourneyDouglas Taylor tells how his life was changed by a completely unexpected encounter with beings beyond our planet. After a long day of surfing in the clear waters of the Caribbean, he laid down to sleep. Before dozing off he began to feel a sort of spinning sensation often felt by people who have experienced ET contact. As he returned to normal awareness from this state, he found himself inside a spacecraft in the presence of seven extraordinarily beautiful beings.

Incredulous and with great amazement, he heard the following greeting as a voice within his mind:

“Yes, friend, you are truly with us. Now allow your mind to relax, and we will be most happy to shed some light on your present predicament…”

Douglas Taylor’s narrative continues:

“One particular soul, human in appearance and dressed in a pure white space suit, was looking at me with the most intense, penetrating eyes I had ever seen. He seemed to be able to pierce directly into my mind – and I knew this was no “human being” in my normal frame of conception. There was a beautiful glow surrounding all of these beings and I noticed a warmth and tremendous sense of peace…”

He was told,

“Please feel comfortable, my friend, as we are your brothers and wish only to make you feel at ease, so that you may gain some benefit from this encounter. You are one of many we are contacting in this way so as to let our presence be known upon Earth to prepare the people for the future plan that is beginning to unfold…… Your people of planet Earth have yet to realize that intelligent life is teeming, virtually throughout the universe, in advanced civilizations and levels of development that would completely defy description. The countless billions of stars that appear in your astronomer’s telescopes are only a fraction of the overall magnitude of Infinite Creation… We come from a planet outside your solar system, the name of which would mean nothing to you.”

“… you see us as fantastic beings, bordering on the limits of your imagination, in actuality we are humble participants – riding the life stream and helping our brothers in lesser states of awareness to awaken to their true nature. We are truly brothers to humanity, and are looking forward to the near future when your people can accept us and desire us to land our spacecraft on your planet’s floor, so that you too, can join us as working members of this great Cosmic Mind.”

Months later after his contact experience, Douglas Taylor began to have psychic experiences that completely changed his life.

“At age thirty, having never painted or been involved in creative expression of any kind, I awoke one morning with the desire to draw a starship. I began to feel a beautiful uplifting transcendence every time I sat down to paint. I now consider artistic expression a large part of my life’s work.”

“We are all channels on some level, and it will always be our choice whether to soar with the Eagles, brave and free, or to grovel in the muddy, slime-infested swamps of our many fears and insecurities. Let us awaken from the long sleep and self-imposed limitations and ignorance, and like the chrysalis, transform ourselves into the brilliant butterfly, and flying free, spread our pollen of unconditional love to all who will so partake!”



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