3rd Density Reality an Illusion

Third Density Reality an Illusion

According to many of the ET sources, our current three dimensional reality is one step along a stairway of ever higher fields of awareness and consciousness. Although we are restricted in many ways and our lives bound to the rules of our earthbound matrix, the reality we find ourselves in is highly useful for rapid evolution.

However it is incumbent on us at this time to begin to see through the illusion so that we can overcome it through a shift in awareness.

What each needs to understand is that the physical, manifest world is truly an illusion, or maya, as it is so aptly written in many of your great books. In this illusion, one wanders endlessly looking for the answers. Alas, the answers are never there.
We the Arcturians, Norma Milanovich. Pg 252

We have spoken to you many times about reality and about love and about understanding, and yet you do not seem to be able to overcome the illusion. The reason for the illusion, my friends, is one that man on Earth has generated. He has generated it out of desire. This illusion is useful. It is very useful for those who would wish to evolve at a very rapid rate by experiencing it and by using it while within it.


Many of us who are now circling your planet would desire to be within the illusion and then, through the generation of understanding, use the potentials of the illusion. This is a way of gaining progress spiritually and has been sought out by many of our brothers.
The Ra Material, An Ancient Astronaut Speaks. Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, James Allen McCarty. Pg 25

Owing to lack of awareness within our civilization it ‘evolves’ on mainly negative synchronicities. This means learning is forced on one by misadventure and by ‘coincidental events’ of an apparently negative nature. Nevertheless, it should be added that all these negative synchronicities lead to positiveness ultimately – they have a spiritually beneficial purpose…. Third density is the arena for working out of problems; for evil to exist due to the nature of dualities.
ETs and Aliens – Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?, Dr Noel Huntley PhD. Pg 171

Dolores Cannon has investigated many cases of contact with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings through decades of work using hypnotic regression. She has written a series of books on the information she has uncovered in her work.

Speaking in her book Convoluted Universe, she has this to say about knowledge of the illusion shared by contactees:

Apparently when we enter the Earth existence, the third dimensional reality, we exist with a facade as actors playing various roles. For some it is the adventure of the experience, the journey. For others it is entrapment in an illusion that takes on all the qualities of reality. No matter how we perceive it, we automatically create karma just by living in this dimension, and are trapped in this reality until we repay the debts.

There is so much more going on behind the scenes than we can ever realize. But it has been said, “if we knew the answers, it wouldn’t be a test.” And so we long to return to that vague place we consider “home”, unaware consciously that this cannot happen until we complete our work here.

The Convoluted Universe, Dolores Cannon.

In his book ETs and AliensNoel Huntley discusses some of the control mechanisms that act to keep us at the third density of level of illusion. One of them is the major emphasis on Left Brain thinking. Classroom and aptitude tests used in our schools are designed mainly to encourage and evaluate left brain skills which are innately masculine and lead to separateness and competition among us. Right brain activities such as aesthetics, art, poetry, music, intuitive learning, etc are not emphasized.

Thus our society subconsciously encourages the development of male traits.

The human race has been exploring what we might call the principle of separateness. This brings about individuality and less dependence on the collective…. Our education focuses on left-brain thinking (analysis, 3D logic, linear evaluations, fragmentation, etc).

This means consciousness is molded by the left-brain structure to operate in a more fragmented mode (separateness and an excess of masculine energy). Pushed by negative elements, we have arrived at an imbalanced condition….
ETs and Aliens – Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?, Dr Noel Huntley PhD. Pg. 170


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