A Comment on Comments


I just wanted to let you know that a lot of comments get caught up in Akismet (detector for spam – which I am very thankful for). 

I read through these every day and sometimes it’s hard for me to tell whether it is actually a spam comment or a real one. And so sometimes I’ll approve the comment and let it post on my site.

Well, if that comment was, in fact, a spam comment, then I’ll get something like 65 spam comments the next day (which, normally there are about ten per day). And so I’ll figure out that the comment I had approved was probably a spam and I’ll go back and delete that comment, and then my spam will go back down to the normal ten or so per day.

And so my point is that when Akismet picks up a comment and sees it as spam… and I’m not sure if it’s really spam or not, I’m more likely to delete that comment and not take a chance. I am always hoping that I’m not deleting someone’s real comment. But if I do, I apologize! Sometimes it’s hard to tell.


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