Hollow Earth?

Hollow Earth? “Inner Earth”? What do you think? I would love to hear your opinions! Comment below ūüôā

Arctic Expedition to Prove the Earth is Hollow

From Disclose TV

June 17, 2012 РCarefully crafted plans and millions in funding have been secured for a journey to locate the passageway to Inner Earth. I certainly hope that the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition happens:

This $1.5 million pledge gets the ship charter in place by August of 2012. The Expedition launches in July of 2013. The science is real. The story is more than 5,000 years old. The legend says that at a certain place above the Arctic Circle, there exists an oceanic depression or an entrance into the Earth. It’s a place where the maritime legend claims sea level isn’t level anymore.

The discovery that the earth is hollow would forever shatter our long-held beliefs about how planets are formed. More importantly, however, discovering life beneath the earth’s crust could potentially provide us with new tools that would allow life on the surface to regain environmental balance, harmony, and possibly even peace. These prospects make the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition potentially the greatest expedition in the history of the world.

The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is a very innovative and courageous exploration effort. We are unable to go to the Moon. We are decades away from manned exploration to Mars. This Expedition to the North Pole region is possible and within reach.

What the scientists of the explorer team discovered:

Geologists have been aided by Internet linking of seismographic accelerometers to conduct a CAT Scan of the Earth each time there is an earthquake. Of course, like most modern scientists, they mold the data to fit their current paradigm. The more than 600,000 seismograms have been recently analyzed by Dr. Michael Wysessions and revealed an entire ocean underneath the Atlantic Ocean. Jan Lambrecht authored a reanalysis of the seismographic data and revealed an Earth that looks quite different than the one being taught to geological students today. One with a hollow core.

3D illustrations of the Earth’s inner core structure (see video below) and the texturing of its iron crystals. The transparent outer surface is the inner core boundary (at radius 1220 km). The opaque inner sphere is the inner core (slightly less than half of the inner core radius) found in this study. The sticks represent the alignments of iron crystals in the outer part of the inner core. The longer the stick is, the higher the degree of alignment is and the stronger the seismic anisotropy is. The fast direction is parallel to the spin axis. This illustration is a 3D view. The labels NP and SP stands for the North Pole and the South Pole, respectively. The anisotropy at the top 100 km is weak. The anisotropy at greater depth is stronger in the western part than in the eastern part. The form of anisotropy in the inner inner core is different from that in the outer part. 

Geologists at the University of Illinois have confirmed the discovery of Earth’s inner, innermost core, and have created a three-dimensional model that describes the seismic anisotropy and texturing of iron crystals within the inner core.

‚ÄúFor many years, we have been like blind men touching different parts of an elephant,‚ÄĚ said U. of I. geologist Xiaodong Song. ‚ÄúNow, for the fist time, we have a sense of the entire elephant, and see what the inner core of¬†Earth¬†really looks like.‚ÄĚ

Using both newly acquired data and legacy data collected around the world, Song and postdoctoral research associate Xinlei Sun painstakingly probed the shape of Earth’s core. The researchers report their findings in a paper accepted for publication in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Composed mainly of iron, Earth’s core consists of a solid inner core about 2,400 kilometers in diameter and a fluid outer core about 7,000 kilometers in diameter. The inner core plays an important role in the geodynamo that generates Earth’s magnetic field.

The solid inner core is elastically anisotropic; that is, seismic waves have different speeds along different directions. The anisotropy has been found to change with hemisphere and with radius. In the latest work, Sun and Song describe another anomaly ‚Äď a global structure ‚Äď found within the inner core.

‚ÄúTo constrain the shape of the inner core anisotropy, we needed a uniform distribution of seismic waves traveling in all directions through the core,‚ÄĚ Sun said. ‚ÄúSince the seismic waves we studied were generated by earthquakes, one challenge was acquiring enough seismic waves recorded at enough stations.‚ÄĚ

In their analysis, Sun and Song used a three-dimensional tomography technique to invert the anisotropy of the inner core. They parameterized the anisotropy of the inner core in both radial and longitudinal directions. The researchers then used a three-dimensional ray tracing method to trace and retrace the seismic waves through the inner core iteratively.

What they found was a distinct change in the inner core anisotropy, clearly marking the presence of an inner inner core with a diameter of about 1,180 kilometers, slightly less than half the diameter of the inner core.

The layering of the core is interpreted as different texturing, or crystalline phase, of iron in the inner core, the researchers say.

‚ÄúOur results suggest the outer inner core is composed of iron crystals of a single phase with different degrees of preferred alignment along Earth‚Äôs spin axis,‚ÄĚ Sun said. ‚ÄúThe inner inner core may be composed of a different phase of crystalline iron or have a different pattern of alignment.‚ÄĚ

Although the anisotropy of the inner core was proposed 20 years ago, ‚Äúthis is the first time we have been able to piece everything together to create a three-dimensional view,‚ÄĚ Song said. ‚ÄúThis view should help us better understand the character, mineral properties and evolution of Earth‚Äôs inner core.‚ÄĚ

8 thoughts on “Hollow Earth?

    • I haven’t heard of that one! Gonna have to check it out.

      I did read Admiral Byrd’s account a couple of times.

      Really an amazing subject!

      The consensus among my Facebook friends is that the Earth IS hollow and there are beings living there.

      My feeling is that in 3D Earth, it is not hollow. But moving on up in Density, it is. ūüôā

      • I agree. In the Olaf Jansen story, they sail through a strange anomaly or weather pattern and then end up in a paradise-like setting.

        How they made it through into a higher dimension, I don’t know.

        Jansen retired to California and lived there until he was around 95. When death was approaching, he got in touch with a writer and told his story.

  1. When the civilization of Hollow Earth,( or Agartha as the real name is) decide that is time for us on the 3d plane to be contacted we will be. Otherwise, we were not invited to plan expeditions to find the opening. When we reach our ascension into 5D then we will be ready. Until this time no one should intrude. Have some respect.

  2. No the earth is not hollow but it does have some hollows in it. Mammoth cave. Not to much is known about the core but I personally believe that the earths weight is a lot more than estimated. With all the force at the center I believe that there has to be a singularity of immense weight. not 1.3 TIMES 10 to the twenty forth power Lb. Or 6 with 20 zeros behind it kilograms. This is supposed to be the weight of the earths mass. However if you compare the weight of the moon to the earth and look at the orbit distance and compare that to the weight of the sun and earth orbit distance the earth has to weigh a lot more to be where it is. Proportional to the square of the distance between two point masses. Newtons law of universal gravity.(theory) The moon could be hollow but not the earth.

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