Egyptian Pyramids

AngelicView: I have something for you today that I consider very special. It is a personal story from a fellow lightworker named Yvonne of her visit to the Great Pyramid at Giza. Yvonne is a very intuitive person and I regard her story highly. Yvonne, thank you for sharing your story with us!

I didn’t know it at the time, but while I was inside, it was as if someone or something gave me a hard ‘pat’ on the back and I became ‘activated.’ I was lightly awake before, but I went into zoom mode and I was never the same ever again. This after spending about 40 minutes inside the King’s Chamber.

A pyramid guard asked me and my husband if we would like to spend the night inside and I turned him down. I was not about to spend the night inside the King’s Chamber with no lighting, a bat or two, no toilet and locked in until early morning…… Not I !! I can only imagine what might have happened to my body if I did. It’s been written that people have spent the night inside and almost lost their sanity.

The man whom I went to Egypt with personally spent about 25 nights inside and he told us you could hear sounds, as if doors were opening.

First and foremost, pyramids are energy conductors. There was a network of pyramids built around the equator.

I cannot speak for all of them, but the Great Pyramid of Giza was built for several purposes. This particular pyramid has a tremendous amount of granite. Granite contains a good deal of quartz. Quartz is an energy conductor; it can and was used to send radio signals in the ‘old days’ before TV became popular.

That pyramid was used to communicate between this planet and another. Which planet, I was not informed; but I feel it was one of the Orion planets.

There were many off-world civilizations who donated DNA to create the human species on earth. Some were beneficial and others were not. Or I should say: those who gave DNA to this planet provided the means by which duality could be experienced (which is what this planet is all about). We have divided this into “positive” and “negative,” ”good” and “evil.”

The Giza Pyramid was also used to facilitate “out-of-body” abilities; and I will stick my neck out and say you could have two experiences in this pyramid: a “bi-location” and actually take the body itself to another location.

I do believe the coffer in the King’s Chamber was used for “out of body” travel, and to hold the Ark of the Covenant which was a ‘phone home’ device.

You cannot lay down in the coffer unless you are extremely short. I am a little over 5 feet and there was no way I could lay down in it. It is a good size to hold a slab of some sort on top, and then someone can lay on top of the slab. The King’s Chamber walls are polished granite (energy conductor).

At the time we visited, no one was allowed to go into the Queen’s Chamber, but a member of our group who had visited it in the past told me there is a niche inside that was coated with an unknown dark sticky substance. I perceived the niche was used to transfer your body to another location like used in the Star Trek series. The Queen’s chamber is limestone.

The Great Pyramid was used for beneficial purposes in the beginning but there came a period of time when the dark priesthood took over the Pharaonic government of Egypt and I believe it was at this time the capstone was removed from the apex of the pyramid by the positive forces. It was also when the Niche was rendered unusable as well. My friend Rocky M. (a mathematician on our trip) told me the Niche had a tablet that was removed. He said you could see an indentation where it used to be.

I do know that the way one has to access the Chambers today is not the way they were accessed when it was actively used. There are secret doors and a stairwell that was built into the structure. The doors are opened by sound.

There is still a very strong shaft of energy that runs thru the pyramid. Someone took a photo and when it was developed a thick shaft of energy was clearly shown. It wasn’t in my group, but an earlier one.

This was before we knew anything about such things.

If you are sensitive, you can feel something happening to your body if you stay in the King’s Chamber long enough. I had to leave after 40 minutes….. I got wobbly-legged and weak. I was told if I stayed longer I would have ‘left the body.’

This particular pyramid is supposed to help the planet get down to ‘zero-point’ frequency (to re-set the hologram for the new illusion of earth) by sending frequency waves into the planet itself and into the atmosphere for humans to absorb.

I think this activity was awakened when groups of lightworkers started making tours to the Pyramid and performing ceremonies. We hummed the Om while there, as well.

Statues, columns and obelisks carved of granite for the temples have the capability of vibrating no matter where they are placed around the world. If you look, practically every major city around the planet (at least in North America) has an obelisk sitting somewhere in a park, in front of a public building, etc. We were told that these emit energy from the Great Pyramid.

If you go to my blog, you can see photos I personally took in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts showing these pieces vibrating.

The link is:

No one is supposed to spend the night inside those buildings; but the people in Egypt are very poor and have little income. There were 25 of us in our Group and I don’t know ‘why’ my husband and I were taken aside and asked by the Egyptian guard. We were the only blacks so perhaps he felt a kinship. The man looked like someone out of “The Mummy” movie; very tall, lean and kind of spooky looking.

If you go here you can see a photo of him: (AngelicView: There is also a lot more information from Yvonne on this Blog Site – visiting it was very enlightening for me.)

They make sure no one spends the night inside now. The Chambers are equipped with cameras and a flourescent light. I am very upset what they have done to my pyramid… but you know how ‘government’ is.

From what I have read online, they have done worse to the grounds surrounding the complex!

Dare I say they don’t want secrets to be revealed that will remove the power of control. But too late for that! The Great Pyramid is doing her work and emitting vibrations that have awakened the people in that land.

I don’t think I’ve told you, but we went to Egypt in 1981, a month after Anwar Sadat was assassinated. Military presence was kind of heavy around the pyramids. Our tour was led by Patrick Flanagan;

A brilliant man. The link above will have quite a bit of information on him and in addition to that info he created a small device we could tuck in our pocket to take with us that put our bodies intune with the earth’s resonance (or heartbeat). It would keep you energized and if you flew, jet lag was never felt. At the time the device was invented, the earth’s resonance was at 8Hz, but has since speeded up to at least 11 the last time I heard a report about it. When it reaches 13 we are supposed to jump into zero-point frequency on the planet.

We must be pretty close because a friend of mine emailed me tonight softly urging me to prepare for the so-called 3 days of darkness when we aren’t supposed to have utilities. Having heard about this for about 10 years now I just don’t pay attention to it anymore; but because we are so close to the 0 point, and this is the Universal Year of Change (a number 5 year), plus it is 2012, I felt a bit moved to consider “something” is going to occur this year.

Exactly what it is; I don’t know.

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