Juicy! – Robert Young

Oh my Goodness Spirit has got me on a roll tonight! 🙂

Tonight I was led to watch a video from the Juicy Living Tour with Lilou Mace, interviewing Robert Young. The interview was actually done in April of 2011. But if Spirit had led me to this interview back then, I wouldn’t have gotten much out of it – I wouldn’t have understood it the way I can now. Everything in it’s perfect timing…

So, Robert begins by talking about his feeling of connection to other people, and why he moved to where he is living now.

Then he tells of his experience of a car accident in which he had an NDE/OBE. It was a very enlightening experience for him. After the accident a “nurse” came and moved his body (while he was out of it, I think) to the back seat of the car – because the front seat was completely destroyed! He calls it an “intervention”. I’d call it a “divine intervention”. Oh, well – semantics anyway!

After the accident he began having strange things happen to him. What he discovered was that he was seeing “how things work“. He was learning “energetic transmission”.

He says that it was about five years later that he put it all together and discovered his purpose: to teach others about this energetic transmission and to remind us of who we are, and that we are capable of such things.

He says that if special people who are here can actually feel their connection to where they came from, they can change the structure of the Earth to become quite malleable… so she can go through her changes and bend without breaking.

He talks about how we can warp the field of reality and how “miracles” happen.

He talks about the non-physical beings that are around us, what he can see, and how we can see them, too.

Towards the end he says, “you program the world around you”. He teaches us how we can change that program in order to improve our lives.

This video get the “AngelicView Great Video Award” from me! 🙂

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