So Many Videos!

I realize that I have a lot of videos posted on this site! Most people do not have the time to watch or listen to all of these, I realize. I listen to them while I do things that need to be done in the house – so that’s how I get through them all. Besides that, I do not watch TV at all. So when other people normally turn on the television, I turn on a video I’ve been waiting to watch/listen to.

I like to share the ones I have enjoyed with you here. But there are some that stand out as fantastic in one way or another. So below, I’m going to list off to you the ones that I like the best.

I really love Gregg Prescott’s 2012 Movie, especially if you are new to the idea of ascension (human evolution) or if you are showing it for someone else who is new to the subject.

Another awesome one for someone who is new to the aspect of human evolution and an evolving world – or to anyone who is not new to the idea, as well – is Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?

For people who are already familiar with these ideas, I think a great one to watch is Leading Us Into the New Paradigm with Lisa Harrison. It is a “round table discussion” between four people who are experts in their own fields. Therefore, you get four different (but similar) points of view.

Another wonderful one that I am just finishing up is Tolec’s Personal Growth in These Changing Times. It is a discussion between Tolec and an Indian man, “White Horse Standing”. They kind of compare notes on their information and you might be surprised at how much the Andromedans have in common with the Native American Indian.

And so, although these are all long videos, they are my highest recommended ones.

As far as the Cobra Interviews, I have trouble listening to that voice-over they have for Cobra’s voice, and so I read the transcript on the first one and I will probably wait for the transcript on the second one, too. The transcript for the first interview can be found on the 2012 Scenario site here: Part 1 and Part 2.

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