A Tale of Two Angels

This is a story written by a man who I believe to be an Earth Angel, of his meetings with two Angels, at two separate times in his life. Here is his story, reproduced here with his permission:

This happened in the summer of 2007. I had gone to see a friend who lived in Oregon. This was the last day of my stay and I was heading home that afternoon. We had two hours to kill till my train for home was leaving so we decided to go check out a mall that was close to the train station. I was more interested in the book store next to the mall. So I went there to browse looking for a good read for the ride home.

I had been there for about an hour just looking at all the different books. I had gone back to the paranormal/meta physical section and was looking at different books. One had caught my eye and I had picked it up and was reading it. It was about twenty minutes later when I heard a voice say “You look like you’re lost?” I didn’t think anything of it and just kept reading. (I didn’t know anyone there except my friends and they were at the Mall). Then the voice spoke up again this time right next to me.

At this point it became apparent that someone was talking to me. I turned around and there was a young woman standing there looking at me with a particular smile on her face. She was maybe 5’5,  long dark flowing hair and stunningly beautiful. I said “Excuse me, were you talking to me?” She just stood there for a second looking back at me. She then responded and told me I looked like I was lost and that I didn’t belong there.

I asked her what she meant? She spoke again and told me the answer I was looking for was not in that book I was reading and what I was thinking about was not right. At this point I was rather taken aback.
Not quite sure what to make of it I asked her what she meant.

She smiled again and told me that love does not always end like it does in the movies. I told her I was not sure what she was talking about. She just shook her head and told me that I knew exactly what she was talking about. I thought at this point someone was playing a joke on me except for the problem is that I don’t live in Portland.

I smiled and asked her what her name was. She told me her name was Racquel. What do you say when someone is standing there right in front of you basically reading your mind? I had no idea at all what to do. She went on to tell me that sometimes no matter how badly we want something it sometimes does not work out no matter what we want. Some things were meant to be and some things were not and this was something that was not meant to work out.

We continued to chat for the next five minutes when she stopped the conversation and said “I know you’ve got to get going to the train.” No sooner had she said that then my phone rang and it was my friends telling me that it was to go. Now mind you I had not told her I was on vacation and was leaving to head back home.

I asked her how she knew and she just smiled at me. By this point I was pretty intrigued by the whole thing. I asked her if there was someway to stay in touch with her. By phone or email? She just shook her head and said that she didn’t have a phone or a computer and that she lived outside of Portland and she had just come into town for supplies.

Fair enough. She said again that I needed to remember what she had told me today and not to forget it. It was then that I turned around to put the book back and tell her goodbye. When I turned back around she was gone. I looked around and didn’t see her anywhere. We were in the back of the store and the only exits were at the front. It had taken me less then ten seconds to put the book back and in that time she was completely gone. I went to the nearest clerk and asked if they had saw her and described her. They told me that they had not seen anyone who looked like her nor had they seen me talking to anyone – I had been by myself the whole time. Now either I had a mental breakdown or I had been visited by someone only I could see and hear. Now I know it was not the first option so that leaves me with the simple fact that I had been sent a messenger in the form of this woman to steer me from the wrong course. It should be noted that I had recently that winter gotten out of a 6 year relationship – one where my heart had been ripped out and the book I had been looking at was a Wiccan spell book. You do the math and you can see what I had been thinking.

The second visit was more dramatic then the first and took place in the summer of 2009. By this point my broken heart had healed and life was good. I worked the weekends bar tending and bouncing. It was a Saturday Night about 8:30. I had just arrived for my shift when he came in. After you bar tend long enough you get a feel when someone walks in the door as to whether or not they are a local or an tourist.

When this guy walked in I pecked him as a tourist right away.

Most people when they enter a bar they head up right away and order a drink. This guy didn’t, he took a seat at one of the tables facing me and just sat there. I assumed he was waiting for some other people so I didn’t think much of it until I looked up at him and he was sitting there staring at me with a smile on his face. He looked to be in his late 30’s early 40’s bout 5’9 slim, brown pants and a white shirt. In all truth he was a good looking guy so I figured once again at any moment his wife or girlfriend would walk in. Maybe she was at one of the little shops across the way. As time went on people came and went but no one for him. This whole time he was tracking my movement as I got things ready to go for the night.

Finally after about 30 minutes of this I was done with it. I walked over to him and asked him if I could get him something. He smiled again and said no. I said ok then, do you know me because from the moment you came in you have been staring at me. He asked if I had time to talk. I told that we were talking he said no I NEED to talk to you do you have time to sit down and talk, I know you don’t know me but I have something I am supposed to tell you. So at this point I had to decide do I tell this guy to hit the bricks or sit down and see what he had to say. Something told me I needed to sit down and hear him. Besides I had an hour to kill and it was pretty dead in there. So I told him ok.

So I sat down across from him and told ok you’ve got an hour.

He smiled again and told me Good he was glad to hear that. He then started his tale. He told me that he was not from around these parts. But he knew I already knew that. I just nodded. He said I was sent in here with a message for you. I said me specifically? He said yes. I said ok who was the message from? At this he just smiled and told me I already knew and it would become more clear. At this point I had one of those gut feelings I didn’t say I just told him to continue. He told me that my life had been hard since I had been 21 (which it had my mom had died in my arms that winter and later on my best friend was killed in Iraq and another one had committed suicide plus the crappy break up from a few years previous) so yes it had not been a walk in the park.

He said he was sorry for that, but it had to be that way. He then told me he had been sent by God to me as I had lost my way years ago and cursed him for the things that happened to me. Which was true I had. I had stood at the grave and screamed at him at the top of my lungs, told him I hated him,etc,etc. He then went on to tell me that I needed to stop being that way that it was was the course of things. He went on to tell me the summer before I had been used as Tool for God and I was wrong to be angry about it as I had been put there because I was the only one who would have done what I did without thinking. (the summer before I was the first on the scene to a horrible car wreck and had to make the choice the to either watch a young girl burn to death or pull her from the car, potentially making her injuries worse. I chose the later and pulled her from the car and watched her die on the side of the road).

He told me I had been her angel that day and had given her family the chance to say goodbye to her. (This is almost word for word what this girl’s mother had told me when I met with them.) He told me everything happens for a reason and I needed to stop fighting it and just go with it.

I am fully sleeved out on both arms. He looked down and commented on my ink and asked why? I told him they depicted important events in my life. He said no that’s not why you get them. He went on to tell me I get them because they are my armor. Just like any armor they keep you safe. We talked a while longer about my ink and then he moved on and told me that later at some point down the road God was going to look to me as a warrior in a coming battle. This was something I was born for to lead and fight.

As this conversation continued on he touched on my mom’s death and the various issues I had dealt. The whole time I could feel my jaw hanging looser as this stranger touched on life changing events that had cut and scarred my heart. A lot of things only the closest of people to me knew about.

Finally he told me he his time was up and he had to go. I just nodded, not sure what the hell to make of this whole thing. He shook my hand and started to walk away and then he stopped and came back up to me and said one final thing. He told me God was going to give me a great gift for all the pain I had suffered, he didn’t know when or what it would be but it would be great. Then he thanked me for talking to him and wished me a full and happy life and walked out of my bar.

A year later my little boy was born. So make what you will of these events but I am positive that these beings – these Angels – come to certain people during their life for specific reasons even if they don’t make sense at the time. He told me I would be getting an incredible gift and I did in the form of my little boy who has changed my life for the better on every account. I no longer look at life jaded and pissed off. I see it now thru the eyes of a child. I see beauty and joy and love. And that’s the account of my visits. Before this I had been at odds to whether or not God gave a crap or was even real now I have no doubts.


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Angels

  1. Hi AV,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving that sweet message. Please don’t worry about donations, believe me I understand. I bet the 1% wouldn’t be able to feed a family of seven on two .59 cent boxes of Walmart Mac & Cheese and a pack of hotdogs cut up in it; but I’l bet you’re no stranger to having to scrimp to make ends meet.

    Trust me sweetheart, your support and love is all I could ever want. Just keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers and I’ll be in YOUR debt.


    • Bobby, when I saw that video of you I not only could feel your pain with my soul, it cut me to the bone. Just hang on, hang out, and don’t give up hope (on everything), because the world is about to explode and something will give. It has to! 🙂

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